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Courtesy Ken McLeod

Americans, this is what democracy can look like. I'm not committed to the idea of democracy, but it certainly can look a lot better than a centre-right party struggling with a far-right party where discussing actual issues is verboten (apart from a few areas where the parties actually differ)... It's kind of cute how they use matchbox cars to illustrate gridlock (the whole video is pretty funny). For what it's worth, free public transit is something I think society needs as well.

For reference, the title refers to the fact that it's cool that one of my favourite authors has a BLOG that is often interesting reading.

Carnival wasn't that great this year - maybe my expectations were unrealistically high from last year. The weekend has been pretty quiet - the paper is mostly together in notes form after a few more watchings, the apartment is aired out, and I had a nice long walk in the woods. Todo: start to turn notes into paper, figure out where/when to eat, take another walk, toss around a few amusing ideas I've had for programming languages (maybe even write some programs or write an interpreter if it amuses me to do so). If someone's up for a trip to India Garden or somewhere else that's interestingly different, drop me a line.

I am concerned about recent developments in Russia that I've read about - while I consider Putin to by-and-large be a good, strong leader, and am not particularly concerned by his not-completely-democratic tactics, I am very concerned about the control of the press he's putting into practice. Systematic distortions of truth are something that I don't think should be considered acceptable in a modern society - this is far more important than the mechanisms of who runs the state.


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