Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Opposite of Nuance is Seance

Dear readers,

Do 5.25" USB floppy drives exist? I recently came across a lot of old media, and while most of it is on 3.25" disks, there are a few things on 5.25" disks that I'd like to get back. I'll probably be ordering a 3.25" USB drive (so I can start the long process of digging through things on my laptop)..

To excite old geeks, here's a bit of what I remember finding:

  • Star Control 2 (no starmap so far, although I think it and the giant replacement I ordered were wall posters when I lived in the dorms, so they probably wore out at that time)
  • Windows NT 3.5.1 and 4.0 beta install disks (not a full set, enough to jumpstart a CD instamm. CDs appear to be lost)
  • A million versions of IBM DOS (some beta, because I was in the beta programme. I still regret never getting any of the betas of IBM DOS 7 that had a ported version of OS/2's presentation manager that was cut for the final release)
  • Windows 2.0/286, Windows 2.0/386, Windows 3.1, Windows 1.0, etc etc
  • CPM/86 (which might require a custom kernel to recognise the filesystem)...
  • Searchlight BBS 4.0 and 4.5, which I used to run my BBS a long time ago
  • Master of Orion (and shipyards!)
  • OS/2 demo disks
  • Some collections of old DOS games from the DOS 3.0 era
  • Microsoft QuickC
  • RIPTerm
  • BasicA
  • Some old programs I wrote (hopefully these disks are still readable)
  • etc..

Hmm. I remember being excited about Freedows once... Fortunately by then I was beginning to lose my tendency towards naïve optimism and stopped spending time on the project when it began to look like it was going nowhere. I'm amused at how wrong the Wikipedia article about it is...

My stomach appears to be largely back to normal thanks to a reasonably spicy meal at India Garden last night. Indian food tends to act as a kind of "miracle cure" for me - it seems to be good at curing any number of ailments, from headaches to indigestion. Hurrah!

I'm amused at the idea of installing a DOS emulator on my webserver, installing SearchLight into it, and loading the old BBS content back onto it with appropriate glue to let it talk via telnet. Of course, it wouldn't be the same without RIPScrip, but maybe someone's made a modern RIP interpreter (or maybe I should) for telnet, and maybe some crazy people would even run their own DOS emulator and configure it to pretend to dial out while actually telnetting to my BBS (ugh yuck evil gymnastics) so they could use RIPTerm 1.54 and see the content in all its old glory. That would be pretty cool (and nostalgia-tastic!)

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