Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Last weekend I picked up a gameboy SP at Used Record Exchange, and I can now play gameboy games portably again. The particular model I got is themed to look a bit like an old NES8 controller, and when I put it next to my laptops, noticed that it looks like a baby computer. In a sense, I suppose it is. Display quality is pretty good, although the thing lacks a microphone jack(!). It's handy having portable gaming again.


Over the years, I've had the original gameboy (with which I used to play Tetris with my grandma on the paternal side), color, and the advance, and I either lost or gave them all away (I guess -- I really don't know where any of them went, and maybe they'll all turn up in a box someday). The multiplayer tetris has left me the most fond memories.. whenever I went down to Texas for the summer or parts of the close family came up for December (if there's one thing Texans love to do, it's visit frozen Ohio during the winter .. heh), we'd play for hours. I miss that... It's funny how rarely I think of my undergrad times in Columbus, and how much more rare yet I think of times before that... Oddly, that's a kind of nostalgia that makes me feel less rather than more lonely - it's funny how that works.

I'm hoping we get some warm rain soon for me to go play in..


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