Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Freed from /etc/skel

I have learned that when a cat is in the mood to knock something over, taking away that thing will just cause them to soon find a new target for that urge. The urge to do so is thus more about what's in the cat than in the particulars of what's upright and on top of something... cats are wonderful for philosophy, reminding us of the perversity, the moods, and the neuroticism that we somehow turn into order.

Yesterday evening, a bunch of people got together to see Das Leben der Anderen, which was quite good (and a bit of a tearjerker) - it was about a member of the stasi in the later years of the DDR (some 5-10 years before the Berlin wall fell). I was interested to see that it's on IMDB's top 100.


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