Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A C Shanty

My experiment works! By which I mean that, with the caveats of a pageful of notes from running my boss through the experiment, I have a big perl script that takes two EPrime experiments/programs I designed and plugs the data in with a certain random permutation to make a training set and a scan set (with the same data permutation) for a given subject. It also parameterises a program I wrote in Perl/Tk to help subjects learn the experiment with that same data set. Hurrah! Now on to that pageful of notes I took during this "dry run"...

I've decided to celebrate by writing a "C Shanty", inspired by some odd part of my brain seeing someone else's LJ post about a "Sea Shanty". Hurrah!

And the shanty:

  • I've sailed the width and breadth of places, all in search of mighty code
  • I've tried the bars and diners and have found naught but antipode.
  • I've plundered from those Ivory Towers, SLOC'n here and SLOC'n there
  • Yet without joys of GNU Indent, me timbers shivered in fear... ARR!
  • C is for Codin', and codin is for me...
  • For ne'er a man were quite the same, when crossed Parenthe See (AYE!)
  • C is for Codin', and real coders code in C
  • So throw yer pointers overboard, and listen now to me!
  • Them other tongues, they say they'll keep your memory tightly bound
  • But aye, it be malloc'y day, I love the glorious sound
  • For coders be strtok'n, and coders they be free()
  • 'Cause I never met another language that could outmanage me, ARR!
  • C is for Codin', even on BSD...
  • For other tongues be straightjackets, bust out the B and D
  • C is for Codin', and Lisps be signs of Scurvy
  • And if you sneak them on me boat, ye'll hit with SIGPIPE be! (AYE!)
  • On rare advice, from Parrot, I've started out on Breathmintses
  • Yet still it helps me not when spying for me dangling references
  • My vtable may be scratched from the hooks that be me arms,
  • Yet still I sing to you of me language's simple charms (OH!)
  • C is for Codin', walk the plank if ye want others
  • For VB and C sharp are for naught but filthy gutters
  • C is for Codin', and it light, solid, and agile be
  • All the other, bigger languages - bait for plunder on the sea..

My apologies to people who read that and suffered massive internal haemorrhage. My further apologies to people who read the british spelling of haemorrhage and suffered further massive internal haemorrhage.


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