Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Brave NUMA World

I joined a raiding party at spice island, where tasty wine and not-so-tasty food (at least for me - their veggie foods are not to my taste) were consumed. It was kinda nice to geek out, although I need to watch to make sure I don't dominate conversations too much. After making it back, tales were exchanged while we all stood on CMU's grassy bits, and later we shot the breeze on NUMA and what it means for kernel design. I miss that - I love the issues with kernel design, and I haven't really had occasion to do anything with that love and knowledge since graduating. It's kind of sad how little of the neat stuff one learns in school one actually uses, although that's partly a consequence of there simply being so much awesome stuff to learn. The broader one's interests, the less likely one will get a reasonable subset of them in any given job... Still, in that conversation, I got to feel that deep giddiness and the desire to pull a giant blackboard out of the floor and excitedly converse about various trade-offs, hacks, and different ways to manage cache coherency on distributed systems. I don't know why that kind of thing gets me that way... Ahh well..

Last night's dancing in the rain actually was very pleasant - it didn't involve actual dancing, but I scat-sang all the way around SqHill and got some thumbs up from people I passed. I did get to remove a few slivers of glass from one of my toes afterwards, but it was definitely worth it.

My webpage is outdated, and my (non-LJ) blog is ugly. I should fix those things sometime soon.


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