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After a nice lunch at the Faculty Club, I sat on the Cut for awhile to relax and enjoy the weather. After about ten minutes whatever student group had the stereo playing was sending that damned "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" song, and in a show of incredibly poor taste, instead of changing the station, they turned it up. This unrelaxed me. I managed to make it back to my office without killing or even saying harsh words to anyone, but ... grr.

Dear readers,

What music makes you cringe? I'm aiming more at the "devoid of musical merit" songs that you wish would just end whenever you hear them (like the above) rather than just songs that are overplayed "candy music" (like most of Britney Spears' stuff or maybe Hanson's "Mmmbop", which are sometimes ok to be listened to infrequently enough). I understand fully that tastes differ a lot - some people like that "Heaven's Door" song, and I've known a number of people who generally hate Avril Lavigne's stuff (which I rather like).

An amusing quote from TheRegister - Denmark's national anthem is "Der er et yndigt land" and has a total area of 43,094 square kilometers. That's one big anthem!

At that same lunch today, I was reading in one of CMU's (often also inane) magazines about someone working on literacy programmes for the blind. This concept hurt my brain and I was scanning over the article wondering what the heck they were talking about until the word "Braille" finally caught my eye and I felt stupid for not thinking of that. I suppose some notions of literacy might not take Braille into account by accident, but the conceptual distance from there to ones that do is small enough that it doesn't make much sense to use the narrower version for much of anything, I don't think. It's easy to lose sight of the potential difference though..

I just realised why bolding doesn't show up in my entries through RSS/Atom readers or LJ - instead of using real bolds, the Wiki-style bolding markup I use translates to a span rather than a HTML bold, which is fine when my stylesheet is included, but I don't think RSS/Atom supports that kinda thing and I'm pretty sure LJ doesn't. Yet another thing to think about the next time I open up that code...

There's been a lot going on in the world worth noting - my next entry will probably cover it.


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