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Victor Malboge

I've been very distractable today, a lot of snippets of conversations and odd ideas have been floating through my head..

  • The Muqaddimah mentions fasting as a way to purge the body of elements that would harm it. I wonder if there is anything to that -- I've been growing to enjoy what mind hunger feels like recently, and have been experimenting with timing the size and frequency of my meals to keep myself near that line. There's also the notion that with actual toxins, it's a good idea to dilute them - drinking lots of water and eating plenty of food presumably would lessen the likelihood that said toxin would build up anywhere specific in the body. I wonder if there are circumstances where the fasting idea really is healthy..
  • I already floated this idea in a conversation with Lizza - as people get older, sometimes their spelling degrades. I'm wondering if the Grapheme-Morpheme mapping complexity of English might be partly to blame (as with more regular languages, like Spanish, there is a single set of mappings with few exceptions, and spelling bees make much less sense for such languages). It would be really ineresting if when people lose some spelling competency, it ends up being along regular lines whereby some of the constituent sets of maps (e.g. the Germanic mappings for Germanic words or French for .. etc etc) lose prominence to others. There are sets of other ideas that are "nearby" in this conceptual space that are worth trying out too - the notion that this might happen mostly with vowels. Testing this might take a lot of work, given that for some accents some endings are the same while for others they are not (e.g. the endings to tolerant and prominent)
  • I remember arguing with a pseudoscience pusher at Insomnia ages ago, with Quealy and Leon there with me, and how afterwards they wished I hadn't argued quite so hard because they found the guy's ideas amusing.
  • I remember being called 40 minutes before a political debate I knew nothing about, to represent the Libertarian perspective, and how, while I think I overall did a good job, I made a stir by stating that I disagreed with the party line on abortion and yielding the floor immediately after that. Amusingly, it was fielding questions on matters of the environment from the party's perspective that, on later reflection, led to my first major issues with the moral theory (as that's what it really was about for me).
  • I remember a hurtful prediction about me made by two different people in moments of stress that seems to be, by-and-large, true.
  • I have been pondering how the words "Official" (as an adjective) and "Holy" both seem to have a lot of content that unravels rapidly when examined. Someone once told me that "holy" really boils down to "different" or "separate"..
  • It's been part of a fair amount of local conversation that Pittsburgh was declared by some group to be the most livable city in the United States, not winning in any of the (many) criteria that the group set out, but doing well enough in each to pull ahead by average.

Pidgin (formerly GAIM) 2.0 has some weird new features - a plugin that opens the window of people composing a message to one before one gets it (allowing for some amusement with people whose clients don't do that) as well as a debug window that shows all the traffic along all the protocols Pidgin is talking at the time. I'm amused at how noisy a lot of them seem to be. I'm a bit disappointed that Pidgin unified the icons across the different protocols - I understand why they did it and how it gives greater parsimony with their philosophy, but I liked having that information available.


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