Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fine Summer Day

After work:

Soccer. Discovered that feet are not even close to being Texas-tough anymore - eventually wrapped them with shoes. Heart also malfunctioned and gave me a remarkably strong episode (with some hiccups before and afterwards), reviving disappointment that I didn't get the surgery. That said, once I settled into being a defender, I had a good time.

Bar/Pizza with Soccerfolk. I had some boxed wine to avoid the beer - Pinot Grigio. Not great, but not bad. Pizza was good, and I had a great conversation with a girl (whose name didn't stick in my head) and Gustavo, broadly on the topic of History but also touching on Philosophy. Em mentioned A Capella later that night before she ran out.

A Capella event at CMU. Acoustics were poor, but most of the singers were quite good. Had a good time talking with people before and after the music.

Today is a good day, and while my body's a bit iffy (heart, bloody feet, also bloody knee), I had a really good time. mostly with .. people ... who will leave town for good in a few weeks.. :( ... but still, a good time.


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