Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Tools that Lift

I took a walk in Schenley Park, after saying what I've been waiting to say for many months (although not in the circumstances I had wanted). I kept being impressed, like with most of my other evening walks, at how beautiful the city is in the evening. I kept wishing that I didn't live in a house - that I lived under one of the bridges with the bums (I guess - I've sometimes seen discarded human-sized blankets down there during the day), or on the side of the lake, so I could just look up any time in the evening and see those sights. It's not quite enough that I live about ten minutes away - I want to see them anytime with just a glance. On rare occasions I've gone out with a sleeping bag and slept a ways off the path in the woods after trampling an area flat.

Sometimes I think that I've seen more than I should've...


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