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Pat Gunn


Psychology research involves paperwork - because my job is half systems programmer/sysadmin and half researcher, I see a lot, from competitive bids I need to get when I buy expensive computer hardware to the stream of consent forms, IRB approvals, and acknowledgement from subjects that I paid them. Sometimes paperwork gets misplaced, and there is, of course, paperwork for that (basically that says "I acknowledge that I don't have the paperwork anymore for this, trust my word that I reconciled this correctly"). Usually the paperwork involved for that is significantly more work than the original paperwork was to fill out - it makes sense, in that if it were not and there were no other consequences, people wouldn't bother to keep track of this stuff. The longer one stays at a job where one deals with this, the more organised one becomes :) I am impressed in a way at the people whose jobs involve a lot more paperwork than mine... I'm also a little bit weirded out at some forms relating to managing subjects at a time that I *thought* I was between experiments... that, and finding forms that remind me that I've been working for the Psych department for several years. Where do all these years keep going? Some part of my mind is still deeply convinced that I'm 23 years old.


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