Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Roots of Mind

The CSLounge revival, try as it might, doesn't feel the least like the lounge used to feel. It had a pretty high bar to meet though - it would've needed a reverse makeover to really feel the same.. it was still fun though -- before the walk home, I spent a bit of time there watching some episodes of the BritCom "The Coupling", which is incredibly funny. It reminded me of Seinfeld without the yiddish sensibilities. Before that, a small group of us watched MST3k:The Movie, and then MST3k:Puma Man in WEH 7500, which was great - one of the things I don't really do often enough is have a good, honest, prolonged laugh, and I had good opportunities with that. Before that, I randomly ran into Gustavo while leaving the 61c, we ended up grabbing dinner and having good conversation on various topics.

While watching MST3k, a stray scent wandered into my nose, and instantly brought me back to a time a few months back before I left Columbus, of someone's apartment, and a strange mix of anticipation, wonder, and all the other things that gave that time a certain flavour. The thing that always gets me is that every time I pull back a scent-related memory, I get a strong dose of my overall perspective on life at the time. When I smell the sweet plastic smells that remind me of the 4-in-one coloured pens I had back in elementary school (bulky, but a neat toy), that's pretty striking.

Longer days are pretty nice.


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