Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Funny Words in German

I went to to order some stuff not available through the US site (not the first time - the British and German Amazon sites are much better for German, Russian, and occasionally British books and movies), and suddenly instead of reading it as a normal word, my brain chopped it apart and fed it to me in pieces, making me burst out laughing. "Einkaufswagen" is a funny word, especially if you parse "wagon" with English standalone-word semantics rather than like a "station wagon". I suppose "Shopping Cart" would feel funny too if we didn't use it so much. Sometimes English words/phrases are pretty wacky though.. the more languages one learns, the more naturally distant one is from one's own, and the easier it is to laugh about it.

Incidentally, "And One"'s instrumental version of "Sometimes" is a lot of fun - it's one of the few instrumentals of a really good song that's as good as the original song. I also recently found out that the music video I had for Сплин's "Выхода Нет" was either just a prototype for a better music video or fan-made - I found a much better version.


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