Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Asphalt Races

The foam races me down the street, it smoothly riding the stream of water from which it is made (biosphere?), my feet carrying me and my laptop far above. The dry envies the wet its shallowness, the wet the depth of the dry. Neither of us really understand the other, but we continue, the foam replaced by endless descendants as my feet move me forward in the relative stasis. Finally, the foam follows the water down a drain, and I walk on, for a time the newly foamless water (relative time) moves towards me, towards the drain, leaving me looking for new metaphors.

Yesterday, there was soccer. My damned heart acted up again, but only once this time - if soccer continues to go on throughout the summer, I should dig out the beta blockers and/or talk to my cardiologist about reconsidering the surgery. This morning, I went for a hike with Lizza, which was pretty nice. I appreciate being pushed to be more physically active - it's one of those things I don't seem to manage for myself often enough...

A smattering of things:

  • People writing about fashion are often completely ridiculous. Sentences like "It's cooler and far more authentic than Boho and owes more to the original folk look of the Seventies." and some of the earlier stuff smell a lot like 1984-esque doublethink guidance, and sentences like "Milla Jovovich, another hippie at heart, has packed her first own label collection..." really make my head hurt. Thank you, Claire Coulson, for that gem.
  • Icculus, who wrote SDL (popular cross-platform gaming API/environment, widely used on Linux), was interviewed recently by Linuxgames.
  • Switzerland is considering a ban on minarets. I find the assertion at the end (one of the "opinion of Islam" quotes they put into some articles, e.g. the obligatory mention with any reference of Israel that settlements are in violation of international law - not attributed to anyone) interesting - that such a ban would go against freedom of religion. It's possible to interpret "freedom of religion" in incredibly varied ways, from "you may believe what you want" up to "you may do as you like, disregarding any laws or societal interests that stand in your way". I personally prefer a very narrow interpretation - I don't think religious beliefs should ever confer legal privileges/immunities to those that hold them. I've met several people in life who feel differently though..
  • Amerindians bump into one of the possibly unpopular conclusions of Catholicism. But then, what can one really say when one has a notion of right and wrong and others don't accept it (because they have their own or because they don't think in those terms)?
  • The president of Gambia believes he can cure AIDS on Thursdays and Asthma on Saturdays. Of course, he refuses independent testing of these "abilities"...

Nostalgia, loss, and vertigo... Not dealing with it very well.


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