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Unix as an RPG

I recognise that the joy I get from programming in C/Perl, working with databases, and working with Unix in general is substantially similarly to the joy I get from playing Civ3 or RPGs (most recently, Final Fantasy V and KOL). I don't understand that - maybe it's the feeling of progress, of love of deep strategy that lays beyond mastery of the paradigm. I know that in time these games will need a break before they'll be fun again, but my ability to enjoy that high from computer things appears to be inexhaustable. Just like a clown philosophising about the nature of humour, I wonder what exactly it is that makes that fun. I worry a bit about understanding it too well and crushing it though - that seems to ruin many things in my life - once I understand them too well, they feel trivial and I have trouble enjoying them, from other people to tasks at work. Maybe all I'm invested in this whole life thing for right now is curiosity.

Life is trying to make me eat my words on some matters. I'm pretty stubborn - not a bite yet.

It's easy to forget about all the accounts I've made on various sites over the years. I recently came across my perlmonks page and had to update it to take into account some updates I did to my website at least two years ago.


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