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One of my coworkers has been bringing in some strudel for all of us - it's very tasty, and seems to straddle the line between strudel and baklava - the apple taste isn't too overpowering, and there are hints of honey. Awesome! On the walk to work today, I was thinking that it would be neat to use uncooked apple pulp in stews - cooked apples, IMO, don't taste as good as uncooked apples, and red apple pulp would probably go well in a pasta-spinach stew (getting the proportion right would be really important though, and I suspect that apple pulp and cheese wouldn't mix well).

I ordered a copy of the new MC Frontalot CD, "Secrets from the Future". Most of the tracks are pretty good - I was initially turned off because the weakest tracks ended up being shuffled up first on my first listen (The skits and a song about Asperger's), but the other tracks are great ("It Is Pitch Dark" is particularly awesome). A few of them manage to smoothly maneuver into the usually awkward area between singing and rap - to my readers: do you know of anyone else who manages to make good music of that sort?

Today's xkcd makes me want to hurt someone. I'd like to provide a pointer to a more consistently intelligent comic called Dresden Codak. So I will. I mean, so I did.

One of things that I've been a bit worried about is my tendency to be like this. I suspect that people who grow up with enough siblings tend towards that due to the need to compete for parental attention.. not that that excuses it...

I think it's fair to say that Final Fantasy V is a better game than Final Fantasy IV, and that despite having a more primitive game engine than FFVI, it compares well to it - the ability to switch character classes to master skills (which later became the main idea for Final Fantasy Tactics) adds a lot of depth to the game that's missing from other games in the mainstream Final Fantasy series.

Somehow I missed hearing about John Bolton's replacement (as U.S. embassador to the United Nations) - Zalmay Khalilzad. I'll have to read up on him at some point.


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