Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Point of the News

I summarise interesting news events in my blog for the following reasons:

  • It's useful to me in that it helps keep me in the habit of summarising news, which helps make it that much more real to me and leads me to, in my reactions, better understand my value system so I can continue to evolve it.
  • It's hopefully useful to you all because, no matter how much any of us read about current events, chances are we're missing important events.
  • It leads to interesting dialogue when my interpretation of a news event (in either matters of fact or perspective) differs from those of some of my readers.
  • That interpretation is also helpful when I go back later and look for philosophical or value ideas that I want to be reminded of when constructing larger frameworks to understand things.
  • This stuff and my attempts to understand it occupy a big part of my mind, and blogs are often about sharing that kinda stuff, right? (fingers crossed)
  • Finally, Political Philosophy/Theory is a major interest of mine, and in order to have a coherent perspective on the matter (and other areas that it touches on, like the nature of humanity in civilisation), one needs to be able to really understand history and current events - summarising news helps me get that perspective and helps the rest of you (should you be interested) see where I'm coming from when I express an opinion (mainly, that I'm not ignorant about the world). By framing the news through selection and commentary, perhaps I might even get the chance to influence, over the long run, some of your perspectives (or at least make you think - Making people think is a major life goal of mine, even if they don't agree with me)

Nobody else I know does this in their blog - hopefully it's not too irritating to y'all that I do it in mine. (I'm trying to get used to lowercasing "blog" after enough of you have told me that it bugs you to see it all capitalised. Give me time..)

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