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Still More LJ Flooding

My grandpa is awesome. He grew up on a farm and eventually came to be a nuclear engineer in the Navy during WW2. After that he started an engineering company which he ran for over 20 years (with my grandma taking care of "people matters" and money stuff, and occasionally another employee or two for awhile) out of his basement, making moisture gages, devices to test the strength of concrete, and other things. Apart from collecting tractors, pushing a strange form of conservativism that doesn't really fit on today's political landscape, and having built a lake in his backyard (on the top of a ravine even), he's known in my family for having built several potato cannons and occasionally shooting them to scare off geese that get near his lake. I remember taking lots of long walks through the woods near his house with him when I was younger. Behold his (second) letter to a public works group where he lives:

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