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Another obscurity

Ok, now that all that family tree stuff is (hopefully) handed off to my mom, here's my family tree in GEDCOM format. As I'm not much for privacy, it has real names of living people. Hopefully I won't be lynched by my own relatives because of this :) ... note that you'll need some geneaology software to read a .GED file (I use GRAMPS) -- this thus joins my brain (Analyse format) in being a file that's both fairly personal and requiring specialised software to read - the purest form of vanity, eh?

With all the cords charging electronic devices after the trip, I feel a little bit like I'm in Terry Gilliam's Brazil. "Hi there. I want to talk to you about ducts." I'm not sure if convergence will make all this less ridiculous, or if there's some better way to charge a handful of devices that doesn't involve having nonstandard, individual cords going to each of them...


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