Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Seeking Document

Dear readers,

A treasure hunt (or me being lazy): your task is to hunt down Mohammad Mossadegh's Doctoral Dissertation (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) which is a study of Sharia law. It's title, translated to English, is "Legalities of the Last Will and Testament in Islam". The document is in French - if you can find an English translation, that would be fantastic, but a French verson will do otherwise. This will be a very difficult task. If any of you are particularly bored with life, interested in this, or have awesome connections to this kind of information, it's the task for you!

P.S. I am slightly weirded out that Mossadegh is on a T-shirt.

Update: I ordered a book that, according to a mention in English, has it in both French and Parsi. Well, at least, I think I ordered it. The website I placed the order on switched into persian partway through the order process, and while I'm sure they charged my credit card, I am not entirely certain that the book is on its way. is much better than for non-English books, but not even it had this one. If anyone *can* track down an English translation, that'd still be useful (with a lot of patience and effort, I can read French, but ...)


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