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I was talking earlier today with Jason about being asked to turn my music device down while in Europe, and how the American taboo about asking people to be civil is harmful to society. After making it home, I came to see another aspect of society that's similar in some ways, and equally important. As social animals, we rely on our peers to help us set our worldview. Sometimes this is an import of ideas from those we respect, sometimes feedback softens our views (and sometimes the emotions and "rush" of being more forceful does the opposite). It probably does friends few favours to be "gentle" with them when one disagrees with them, especially when the person involved is troublesome and prone to strange ideas -- this removes one of the basic "feelers" people have built-in on the reasonability of our opinions, both leading them to even more "hard" opinions and possibly pushing one's own opinions further outwards via urges to comprimise or justify family/friends. Feelings of group unity on hard feelings are often a precursor to disaster, and "difficult" family members should be challenged on their difficult areas to keep them within reasonable bounds. The basic concept behond both is that a reluctance to confront leads our society as a whole to be passive-agressive and broken.


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