Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Longest Division

Exciting soccer report: Left foot is swollen and sore due to multiple cleat-foot collisions, but I had a good time. I had some conversations afterwards, but they just made me feel old and distant.. I am nicely sore all over..

After hoofing it back home, I watched Big Fish, and am now watching Marnie. One important plot fact I missed in my earlier, first watching - Mark's "sister" Lil is actually a sister-in-law from a former wife, rather than a blood sister, which makes her attempts to court him a bit less creepy. Even still, the papers I've read about psychology of kin-romance-disinterest suggest that presence during the formative period is the primary factor, not blood ties (although the disgust reaction for those involved is a different matter than the more vague disgust others feel and the social tabboos involved, even if the first causes the second).

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