Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Liebestod et Reverse Transubstation

I have returned to Pgh. There was opera, there was athletic and nonathletic goodness. Still, it was kind of a complex trip in some ways.

(section not shown)

They were instructed on the use of power from that realm - that to enter it mildly was to feel hands, wind, gently moving, asking for dust, dead skin, perhaps small coins - that to enter it more deeply leads to the hands being more forceful, cleverer, more needy, some move by more quickly, some grasp, their rearrangement for scraps of power an increasingly difficult task. At higher yet levels, there is an art to gently nudge the brownian stasis, tricks here and there, allowing randomness to even out the vast majority of cases while wardng myself from the windfalls. That invisible-to-the-fastidious path.. great power. Most people cannot be skilled in both middle and deepest waters.

I'm not looking forward to all the little messes that always develop every time I step away from my sysadmin stuff for awhile - from paperwork to hardware that hiccups.

For all of you who are interested in my preferred Linux distro, Fedora 7 came out while I was away. I'll report on my progress with it once I get it installed somewhere.


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