Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Saddened by memories of the Garden

I am convinced that Beefalo, the smarter of my two cats, is developing intelligence. She brought a pillow to the couch (dragged by her tiny mouth) to lie on in order to watch the word marquee screensaver on my windows laptop. After about fifteen minutes of watching it (I almost imagine she's reading the words as they go by), she finally touched the trackpad and it went away.

Tonight was a night of rock climbing and tips of icebergs. I'm working on backing up my laptop so I can nuke it for a clean FC7 install. It's usually weird to do this - I suddenly see the hundreds of half-finished essays on every imaginable topics and thousands of random notes that haven't (yet) gone into something larger. Lightly related to a few of the essays - jwzjwz reposted someone's article on "wikigroaning" - an amusing (and sad) way to see one of the biggest problems with Wikipedia - cruft. Just like with the Sokal Hoax, there are some problems where the best way to deal with stubborn, argumentative folk who would resist input any other way is to pull a prank or tell a joke. Particularly illustrative is the comparison between the article on Hammurabi and the article on Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars -- without academically-minded caretakers who have the numbers and power to beat down people who don't understand what an encyclopedia, one ends up with a public scribblepad, full of unsourced and often-questionable information in an illiterate form.

I feel that I should be saying more...


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