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Fulfilling Fait

For my last two experiments at work, and unlike my first few, changes in CMU's internal regulations have allowed me to pay subjects in cash. This made it much easier to get subjects (for the first few, I had to ask CMU's payroll people to mail them a check that was technically an honorarium, and this usually took between two weeks and two months, often resulting in angry subjects visiting me asking where their money was). Unfortunately, it also means added responsibility (kind of obvious, given the following).. Right now, I fill out some paperwork when an experiment starts, give them a grant string, and two weeks later there's a check for $1000 in my mailbox, which I then take to my bank (a National City right by campus) which gives me the money in a nice envelope. When the experiment wraps up, I give them photocopies of all the signatures from subjects indicating that they were paid, and return the remaining money, and all is done (in theory - I haven't finished with the last experiment yet, despite working on a new one). About a month or so ago, I wanted to wrap up the paperwork for the prior experiment, but I misplaced that old envelope in it months ago. After a bit of cleaning of my apartment and office, I finally found it today, and I have almost all the signatures I need to balance the books (light-to-moderate missingness is permissible for the subject signatures, even though it means more paperwork for me). This is a relief - it means that I won't need to give them a few hundred bucks in cash and do as much guesswork on amounts. As an added bonus, my apartment and office are both a bit cleaner.

I ran into Karl again at the 61c last night. We haven't always gotten along (partly because I don't think he can read my body language or conversational implicature to figure out when I'm not in the mood to talk anymore, and I'm usually to polite to tell him bluntly), but apart from a bit of that, as usual, we actually had a pleasant conversation about european cinema (with some random guy from Brasil and later an old guy with a cool-but-unplaceable accent). He reminded me about the Chihuly exhibit that's in town that I wanted to see but keep forgetting about. Maybe today or tomorrow...

A random fact - in India, they have annual kite-flying festivals. A random falsehood: These are held to celebrate cruelty to animals.

I've been listening to a lot of Flamenco music today. It's helping me come to peace with a few difficult matters. "Coming to peace" ... that can cover so much ground.

Soccer tonight, as usual.


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