Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Juggling Apples on Knives

In the midst of all the suffering in the world (as usual), in my nice job in a wealthy neighbourhood in a large country with very little immediate threat to me, I played soccer. A bit of me was thinking about that while playing today.. Sometimes it's a fun mental game to imagine dropping oneself into the past, given the ability to do whatever would be needed to alter history. Some of mine would be horribly offensive to large parts of the population of the world, but then, I imagine that some future beings might be thinking the same about this time -- the issue really is the knowledge... little bits about the configuration of the brain... Meh.

Soccer went pretty well. I don't have any illusions that I'm particularly good, and I may not be the most useful defender imaginable, but I've observed that there are at least a few people less useful than I am (not that it's really that competitive - the game is tied-no-matter-what until the last goal). My feet are getting tougher (especially given that I'm the only barefoot player), I'm feeling my energy levels go up a bit (especially combined with getting back into occasional jogging), and I do enjoy the tactics. There's talk of expanding it to twice a week, which would probably be a good thing. I do have the feeling though that one way or another it's going to be ending (or my ability/motivation to stick with it, anyhow) - either more people I know will be leaving as the summer moves on or other changes will go on, but that's just another instance of Anicca. The beer and pizza afterwards seemed to go a bit better because I decided not to have my usual cup of wine. Someone managed to make a guess on something relating to my life that surprised the heck out of me - that's always a bit weird. The person in question has shown themselves to have a really good memory though..

Oh, Mr. Wizard died. I used to love his TV show, and it instilled into me a great love of science.

I stumbled across this prolific set of music groups that rework popular music for a string quartet. Their radiohead and muse covers are particularly good. I'm hoping to find their Sum 41 stuff soon.


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