Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Alcoholic Synesthesia

Today was busy. Instead of telling you directly, I'll just leave you my notes for this blog entry, relatively fresh from the brain with very little adaptation to be read.

  • Arbeit - arrange subjects for coming weeks for experiment
  • BIRC: Bug m. experiment code not fixed by earlier attempts - mehr debug, all good
  • Zuruch a CMU - prep f. FC7 upgrade tomorrow
  • Cluster: Gustavo and humour-generating AIs
    • Intitially thought full humour, but instead just wordplay, like my humour.
      • Ohnoes I am made redundant
    • Aber echte humour - interesting - recall: scifi-adventure story with robot comedian - geht durch space - saves day, doubts: sentience. Douglas Adams? Probably not starship titanic. Veilleicht by member of Monty Python?
  • Nach Hause f. nap, shower, change. Failed nap: distracted.
  • Milky Way dinner w. Eric and family - conversations
    • try get ppl for climbing next week?
  • Way Zuruch- no DnD - kauf hummus, "Elmo Pio" Moscato, tea and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at 61c f. bit, bread at GEagle
  • Run into Dmitriy(!) on way out, then Josh(!), chat for bit, J denkt an moving back to Israel, D and Ir have D's sister visiting. ride back home.
  • Chat w. L a events, food, wines. Try: Brandy, mach Lemon wines.
    • Amused: "Horrid" lemon wine. Schadenfreude as basis for humour?
      • That's another Perl person. Amused: I tend to find Perl people awesome because they're playful and very anti-theory/cleanliness. Strongly prefer as programmers: Artists over logicians. Artisians v. besser wort.
  • Install Nexuiz on TV PC, nach tweaking less obnoxious et kinda fun. Alas, I seem to suck at it.
  • Have energy, will travel. Shoes, ancient wind pants, Neuros for music, jogging.
    • Observation: Cardiovascular system still limiting factor - difficult: convince body z. sprint sans good oxygen flow.
    • Observation: Body trained itself n. z. machen Adrenaline - avoid heart condition? Surgery j. option..
  • Shower. Afters: Window Wind, wet me. Hurrah.
  • Hummus and bread tasty. Olive Hummus one of best foods on earth
  • Moscato slightly bitter, decent. Try something else next time. How to get wine cups shinyclean?

While at BIRC, I picked up a copy of the UPitt University Times (while BIRC is theoretically joint Pitt/CMU, it has more of a Pitt feel to it). It was roughly as interesting as CMU's newsletters, meaning not very (although delightfully less full of itself and perhaps a bit more interesting in general), but one article caught my eye - the UPitt library won a bid to host a large collection of EU-related documents that was previously hosted in DC by an EU delegation to the United States. Pitt plans to scan them all and make them available to visitors to the Hillman library (and a fair subset to the general public for open access). That's very cool - I look forward to seeing that collection. Some years ago, while in Brussels, Nicole and I walked through an area with a strong UN presence - we swung through a UN bookstore, and I started to make a list in my head of things to buy - various studies, reports, etc. This plan was quickly derailed when I started checking prices - none of them were really affordable. If I can get those electronically for free, that would be grand.

This ties into a general frustration I have with books - as my interest in world events, political theory, and the sciences takes me further from the mainstream in my reading materials, things tend to become rather expensive.


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