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Siren Call Waiting

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Today at Joseph-Beth, I got three new books, two Murakami (Kafka at the Shore and After Dark) and William Nicholson's The Society of Others. I've started on Kafka already, and it's quite good.

After a nap this morning, I woke up wondering where everyone was and when I'd meet up with them.. as I woke up more, I remembered that there hasn't been an applicable "everyone" for years... It brought me to something near panic for a moment.. what happened to those everyones? Likewise, all these random messages from other lonely people on OKCupid somehow seem obscene (in a metaphysical sense - not in actual content).. Meh. These things have weighed very heavily on my mind as of late, among other things.

At least the weather's nice. I keep hoping it'll get warmer, but it's comfortable - good weather for shorts, and showers are pleasant rather than harbringers of transubstantiation into a popsicle.


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