Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Nietzsche and Marx

Mrr. Can't sleep, brain keeps coughing up philosophy fragments. Note: probably not readable - mostly for me.

  • nietzsche und marx - wie kann mann das vereinigen? Difficulty: (Nietzsche: Individual philosophy über alles), (Marx: Social Philosophy, societal issues).
  • Tack: universalise Nietzsche, incorporate self-fulfillment values, predict consequences of wide adoption. A new Nietzsche für alles, sowie Christianity war von Judaism.
  • Challenge: Nietzsche elitist, can we ignore that element of philosophy? Warum war er? Veillicht pragmatism? Das soll mann nicht sich züruck leben, nur für Societät? Oder müß mann, zum Übermensch sein, nicht für die ganze Societät care? Remember re charity - not a duty and to demand it is an ugly thing - demeans act. Privilege of powerful.
  • Wie Sartre im "Search for a Method", muß mann Comprimise finden dafür - neues Sythesis. Sollen wechseln elitism to ambition für alles - a movement of elites to be free of spirit of gravity nach Freiheit für die ganze Societät.
  • Compatibility? Could this be stable? Could "der Wille zur Macht" be understood as simple individual fulfillment without actual power? Consider Zarathustra - closest we have to N's Übermensch(?) (compare to roman ideal though) - wohnt allein als Berg. Power? - "Wille zur Macht" tells us to be more free of conventional guilt and seriousness about other people - to force Marxist (or other pro-society) values into that framework is a foreign infusion
  • Nietzsche as a radical individualist?
  • To take N seriously requires us to seriously discard those elements to extent we must and transform others as needed, even if we find other parts of his work survive largely intact - we betray Nietzsche but enrich Marx by this effort.
  • Instead of abolishing spirit of gravity, we manage it to serve our values - unseren Menschen können nicht ehrlich unschuldig sein, aber sollen nicht so alt wie Leuten von die Zeit sein.
  • Could keep typing - tip of iceberg - must try again for sleep. I wish thoughts like this were restricted to daytime hours rather than being like having a pager. Writing it out: failed as experiment to take it off my mind. Sigh.

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