Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Central Limit? Fear'em

Today I'm heading down to BIRC to spend half an hour hopefully getting my experiment to work on the new rig. Hopefully that'll be enough time, as I have a subject on saturday and won't have another chance to prep before then. It's always a bit risky cutting things this close, but I was slightly lazy in making arrangements to get things fixed, and so I get to deal with the consequences. BIRC is slightly inconvenient to get to (although if I still had a car, it would still be inconvenient, just in a different way)..

On the topic of car, my life does feel different, on reflection, now that I lack one. I feel significantly more carefree -- just like when I was in school and for a few years afterwards I always dreaded the possibility of getting a bad grade (I was a lazy student), when I had a car I feared seeing another ticket on the window or finding yet another thing had gone wrong and needed repair. That's gone now -- dreams of tickets and broken car are now so far from my experience that the idea seems laughable, and so my potential stress is much lower. I actively like not having a car -- in some sense it even feels like I've outwitted the universe, and that in some grand game of monopoly, I'm drawing "car troubles: $300" from Community Chest, and laughing because I'm immune. In other notes, this feels like it's going to be a good year (mentally, my years have their end/beginning in early fall because I live in academia). Some people I get along pretty well with moved nearby, I'm taking a fun class, and there are more people around. Two of my friends might also (hopefully) be getting jobs at CMU, which would be awesome. I also organised my pile of to-read, and find that I have a lot of wonderful books that are waiting for me. Life, by and large, is good. My hat already feels like a big part of who I am, like a sleeping limb awakening.


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