Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Mystery Sibling

Hmm. As I understand, I have three sisters (all younger), the youngest two identical twins. With events surrounding my parents ongoing (ugly) divorce, I haven't spoken to my father for .. probably over two years now. I recently came to the understanding that I almost certainly have at least one half-sibling who predates the divorce. Apart from a moderate anger combined with disgust at my father's actions/dishonesty, sufficient for me to no longer consider him kin, I haven't felt much about the disintegration of my family - I'm too distant from any of them to really feel engaged, and I've been engaged with my own difficulties. Now that I practically know I have at least one half-brother or half-sister, it makes things a bit stranger. For a number of reasons, I suspect I won't ever have to deal with the potential complications/awkwardness tied to the matter though.

My next birthday is vaguely nearby - it's a decent time to reflect on what another year has brought me...

  • On the job front, things are still going decently well. Not much has changed - I have a nice office, a very high amount of autonomy, am doing work that helps the world in a sense, have decent variety in work tasks, and generally like the people I'm working with. I'm kind of bored with it though... some change would be nice.
  • On the intellectual front, things are continuing reasonably well. I haven't been as motivated as I'd like to put time into writing my thoughts out systematically. I've found some rather good reading material too. I have enough water flowing by my gills to keep new ideas and insights coming though...
  • On the interpersonal front, things have regressed a bit. I've had trouble maintaining my social energy, and that combined with other trends/events have caused some of my friendships to weaken and a few to disintegrate. A few have gotten better, but by and large things have gone the other way.
  • On a hobbies level, things keep shuffling around, but seem to be getting better. The accordion is a good source of occasional fun, the rollerblades are occasional entertainment, and DnD/gaming is good.
  • On a romance level, things are pretty much a bust. I'm just about out of hope that this will ever change.
  • On a health level, things are getting better. Migraines have recently mostly left my life, going from intense and frequent to medium and once-every-two-weeks-or-so. I'm more physically active with soccer and getting back into jogging, and my work on cardiovascular health is beginning to pay off. I have a long way to go, but this is a decent start. I'm still thinking about getting the heart surgery - not being able to productively use adrenaline seems like it might be a limiting factor for my life
  • Emotionally - stumbling, not doing that well. Exhaustion that's been in the making for years. Attempts to mask it not that successful.
That's the state of my .. union? confederacy? Me, as I come near to the beginning of the 29th year of my life. The state of things in my life has, oddly, made it easier for me to become a bit closer to my mother given her situation..

The rapid swapping of hot rain and hot sun in Pittsburgh weather has been kind of nice. Today, Dmitriy, Eric, and I went to the Beehive to hang out for a bit, which was also nice. They have pretty decent soup (surprising for a coffeeshop, their menu is pretty broad and their food is cheap and not bad).


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