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Baroque Me Like a Hurricane

Busy but interesting day so far.

Woke up with "When I Was A Lad" from HMS Pinafore stuck in my head. I arrived at soccer an hour early because I forgot when it was, and got some good reading and a bit of videogaming done while waiting. Soccer went pretty well - my hilarious injuries today consist of still more of my foot colliding with other people's cleats and a novelty - catching the soccer ball with my crotch, which had me on the ground for a good ten minutes. Still, we had a good time. It's a bit frustrating to me that people don't generally seem to want to get food after Saturday soccer, but at least there's soccer - 3 of us went to Aladdin's afterwards this time. At the 61c café, where I am now, starting on my Mossadegh book, a girl I've seen a few times there, in the course of leaving, spotted it and turned out to be from a Persian family. I had always guessed her ethnicity to be Italian (although I understand Persians and some Indians are ethnically very close to European, so I wasn't totally surprised to be wrong). We talked a bit about Mossadegh, Iranian politics, and finally about Rumi - the best reason, I think, to learn other languages is access to literature, and I said that while learning Parsi presently isn't on my radar, being able to read Rumi in the original Parsi would be kind of tempting). Back to reading, I need to get a paper French/English dictionary to carry around with the Mossadegh book.. and maybe a notebook to help me remember things as well - reading in foreign languages (except German) is always a lot less natural/more challenging than in English. From what I can understand so far, it's an interesting read.

Amusement: Music as an operating system for the mind.Disappointment: Another computer bag, kaput. As this one initially broke because I was neglectful to jump off a ledge with it, and because it still protected my stuff after that, I'm thinking of replacing it with another of the same bag.

Life recently feels like I'm been waiting in an uncomfortable airport with some reasonably good books....


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