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Sour and Strange Spaghetti

When I got home from the Beehive, I failed to find anyone interested in dinner, so I made spaghetti. A twist: instead of the hearty tomato flavour, I decided to experiment with something different.. Recipe:

  • A fistful of dry spaghetti
  • Jar of green olives floating in green olive juice (presumably mixed with water or originally water?)
  • Sunflower oil
  • A bit of cayenne pepper hot sauce
  • Ground mustard, a touch of cardamom, some cilantro
  • Garlic salt
  • A good amount of strong gourmet mustard I got from a little mustard store in Paris near the louvre a few years ago (finishing out the jar)
  • A splash of Manischewitz

I boiled it down into a stewlike consistency - hopefully it'll be tasty (disclaimer: I am the perpetual novice at cooking. This recipe might be no good). The broth is very good (and fairly thick) - when it cools down I look forward to seeing how it all works together.

The basic idea was to make a spaghetti stew where the very idea of mixing tomato sauce into it would be unthinkably wrong....

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