Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Passion versus Thought

For people who are willing to talk about politics and have an opinion, I find it equally disappointing when people lack passion/willingness to strive for something better and different and when their passion is not matched with much thought. Passionate nonthinkers irk my logical side, and anti-idealists irk the side of me that cares.

Finding a summarising word for those who don't have a vision of the public good is difficult - it covers a lot of interpersonal ground, from those who push for the status quo (because they've invested so much in it/been hopelessly corrupted by its values from some liberalism they once had) or close variants that will ease their conscience) to those who are just in it for themselves or some small subgroup in society. Quotes like "Real idealists are the most dangerous people in the world" and an anti-principle stance tend to be common to this spectrum..

People should, I think, seek a notion of the good with both passion and thoughtfulness, and as they find it, seek to enact it in their lives and society at large. A relative deficiency in one area is an opportunity for growth, and while it can be disappointing or irritating to those around, neither passion nor careful thought should be blamed - they are just neccesary to pair for those who would improve society.

Climbing today was ok. I seem to be in an antisocial-but-don't-notice-it mood today though.. I conclude this because I've said several things to people that seemed designed to mildly shock them.. Meh. If I could spot when I'm in moods like that and simply disappear or go for a walk instead of saying such things, I'd probably be better off. I guess noticing it is progress.


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