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Cows with Claws

I've been listening a lot to music from Billy Talent - some years ago, someone I knew from the local atheist/agnostic group I revived for a time gave me a sample CD of theirs (she works in the music industry) - I lost it, and it took me awhile to dust it off and give it a listen. Having heard a few more songs (courtesy of Google Video), I've come to really like the group - I wish I had given it proper attention back then. They're kind of like Sum 41 (pop-punk with strong harmony), but the lead singer has an interestingly harsh voice. Some of their songs are a bit repetitive, but that's not unusual..

Rediscovered: random bits from a mailing list that no longer exists. None of these excerpts are by me, but they are parts of conversations I (mostly) once took a part in...

  • I find it ironic that Republicans, in general, distrust the government and want to limit its power, except in the case of abortion. On abortion they are so sure that they're right that they will insist on using the government to enforce their views. On the flip side, Democrats, in general, trust the government to make all kinds of decisions about all manner of things that may be better left decided individually -- except abortion, where the mother's right to make her own decision is paramount!
  • you wouldn't happen to be a Freeper by any chance, would you?
    • No, actually. I just did a search and found, but I never heard of the site before now. Rest assured that my extensive dislike for Gore, his boss, and every other member of the current administration is home-grown.
  • But then I looked at the statistics again, and realized that the odds of TWO bombs on a plane were nearly impossible. So now, when I fly, I simply bring my own bomb!
  • from what i see, feminism is fundamentally the result of women being ashamed of being women and instead wishing they were men. Feminism itself is the real insult to women, because by virtue of the very presence of their movement, they implicitly also claim that there is something inferior to a woman's existence, and they wish for themselves instead a man's existence.
  • one of my biggest beefs with the trends in the government of this empire is that they all tend to view _people_ as a resource to be 'managed' as if they were a pile of coal or iron ore or whatever
  • Desperate, he throws the cough syrup at the coffin... the coffin stops.
  • You can tell him by the liberties he takes with common sense, by his flashes of inspiration, and by the fact that sooner or later he brings up the Templars
  • besides, the name 'rand' is much better used for a: The Rand Corporation, who makes large cubical featurelss black toasters on the surface of which a piece of toast just appears every morning (well, ok, not really) , or b: the gold fields in south africa (well, ok, _under_ south africa), or c: rand(3), the random number generator.
  • Why do I get the impression that -REDACTED- on feminism is akin to Kevorkian on the latest medical advances?
  • by standards of most countries in Europe, the programme of the Republican party would definitely fit under the neo-fascist terms
  • Let me point out to you'al that the concept of universal happiness (or concept of everybody in the area being happy) is fundamentally immoral
  • Because all of these "hardline" issues represent the *kiss of death* to the Independent middle-of-the-road voters, who make up a full 20% of the total electorate.

Two bits of news of the world:

  • Turkey is considering crossing the border into Iraq to deal with Kurds taking advantage of Iraqi sovereignty (whatever that means right now). An aspect of the struggle that I didn't understand before was that the struggle in Turkish politics over political Islam (the turkish military is political and a secular stronghold, standing against some Shari'a-backing popular movements) makes struggle against pan-Shari'a anti-government forces (common term which I dislike: terrorists) have domestic stakes. If the populist Shari'a-backers are portrayed as being "weak on terrorism", they're in an awkward position in that they either have to risk alienating hard-line pan-Shari'a by protecting the (largely secular) establishment and eliminate/isolate groups strongly pushing for replacing the state institutions with religious law/rule, abandon moderates and look weak in that way against "terror", or side wholly with the pan-Shari'a groups and advocate the dissolation of the present government of Turkey.
  • The United States is to create an envoy to pan-muslim groups. It's going to be interesting seeing how that works - their job would be at best difficult, especially to whatever extent it involves finding a subset of Islam to make it broadly compatible with American-style government (and preferred world order) and making that subset different in a principled and defensible way against other interpretations of the faith. It's unfortunate that the way these things are talked about by politicians and partisians obscures so many of the complexities of the relationship between varying interpretations - is such a cowboy public front an attempt at Plato's noble lie?

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