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Murakami's "After Dark", which I finished today, was rather unusual, in that it took the bold step of not having a complete story arc. Murakami's writing style has always been primarily interesting because its characters are gritty and intensely real - more real than most people I know, although Murakami's characters tend to suffer frolm their hyper-realness in that they're isolated from society because of that. It's this same kind of theme that, roughly speaking, is explored in Serial Experiments: Lain (although Lain proposes a specific reason for that separation that's distinct from Murakami's). After Dark felt like a concept novel, the concept being the kind of growth that people can undergo over a course of an evening (maybe a bit like Hitchcock's Rope in that). .. it was good, but I think I liked most of his other work better.

Sometimes I think back about blog entries I've written and feel that they're too trivial (in the depth I go into ideas) and maybe a bit embarassing because of that.. Hmm. There's only so much I want to type though...

Soccer didn't happen today - only three people showed up (which is weird, given that all the other times at least 12 people showed up). As it turned out, the consolation prize was a decent conversation, so it wasn't all that bad, although I still was looking forward to it. I'm inclined to guess that a party that I didn't hear about except by away messages after the fact the night before may be to blame...

Odd but not entirely surprising: People have written software to spam MediaWiki sites - it makes an account composed of a random mix of six letters/numbers, logs in, goes to a random one of wiki pages that it's seen before, and inserts tons of links to the page (often truncating content as well). The account is never used again, as far as I can tell. I understand that turning on email verification and requiring that to complete before edits are permitted will prevent software like this from working.

After the conversation, I swung by the tea shop and picked up two nice-smelling green teas - Imperial Dragonwell and White Monkey Paw. I think I've been judging green teas too harshly in the past - steeped in a way that makes the tea much more dilute than it's usually served, I like it.

I'm interested to see that the Tamil Tigers may be near total defeat - Sri Lankan forces have recently captured a number of strongholds, and Britain has arrested some Tigers who were openly managing and fundraising for Tiger forces in London.



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