Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Induced Flaws

Yesterday felt like an absurdly long day - I don't know if I woke up early, if my perception of time was wacky, or something else was going on. I've been in a serious cleaning mood, initially because I made an offer to someone I know that they could spend the night on my couch to deal with a temporary housing situation they're in (my couch is generally open to anyone I know, not that anyone really even comes over, much less takes advantage of this), and later because once I get started cleaning, I get passionate about it. This time, I rearranged my bookshelves and decided that maybe a quarter of my books are things I wouldn't mind getting rid of - a list will be up in an upcoming entry for people to take if they like. I also found it very pleasant to sweep the carpet with a broom to start to pry up cat hair and other schmutz - vaccuum cleaners are one of the worst inventions of humanity (partly because they only work for about a week after they're bought, and the rest of the time they're just broken dreams of cleanliness). After lunch and tea with Eric, I went to get some bread with which to eat the tasty Lemon Curd I got at the tea store, got some tea from Pinskers, and suddenly remembered that I wanted to read Torah without the Christian "Old Testament" notes, so I got a "study Torah" while there. At home, I started on Bereshit - it's interesting how different the commentary is - some study bibles immediately begin to justify Christian theology from the start of the bible, and with this printing of Torah they do the same thing - immediately begin the step towards theology in ways that wouldn't be obvious from reading the text. After a long nap, I did more cleaning and had a late night dinner at Eat'n'Park (randomly spotted Gustavo, who joined me). After coming back home, had some quick conversations on IM, did some stuff for work, and went to bed to do some reading but was distracted by one of the fans in my room being broken. The cats had managed to wind string into the motor, which stopped it. Repaired it courtesy screwdriver and other tools (fans are one of the dirtiest things in a common house, I am now convinced), read some more, and went to sleep.

Someone pointed me at an anime called Girls Bravo. From what I can tell, it looks to be both very interesting and very Ecchi. Mixing these things to me seems kind of odd to me..

An automated mailing was sent out to all Wikipedians, and because the software itself doesn't know that I'm no longer one, I got mail inviting me to vote in Board Elections. Although I stand by my having left the project over the advertising mess, here's where I stand on those running (and how, my readers, if you're involved, you might consider voting - it opens on 10 June and uses approval voting):

  • Ausir / Paweł Dembowski - I haven't interacted with him personally, but he's multilingual, for limiting "fair use" content, and appears to have the trust of various parts of the community. Yea.
  • Danny / Danny Wool - Out of all Wikipedians I've met or interacted with online, he has the most insight into both how things work and what's necessary for the projects. He's also tireless, frank, and principled. I still disagree with him over advertising, but apart from that one issue, I can't imagine how someone might be more positive on the board. An enthusiastic Yea.
  • Dragonfiore1024 / Jason Safoutin - Wikinews guy, kind of a dark horse. I think his notion that all projects are equal is overidealistic, but by and large I probably wouldn't vote for him because he's too much of an unknown. Nothing personal though.. Nay
  • Eloquence / Erik Möller - Megalomaniac, wrong for any position of power, insufferable. He is eloquent (and incredibly intelligent), which helps mask his nature to anyone who doesn't see him in action. A politician in the playground. Absolutely not, Nay.
  • Freida / Frieda Brioschi - Solid experience with Wikimedia projects, possibly a bit idealist, her statement doesn't tell me much beyond that she cares about chapters. Neutral.
  • Kate / River Tarnell - Wrote some really useful tools at one point, has been absent from wikipedia for some time. Unless I misremember, she once left the project because people dismissed the idea of using Microsoft software to run Wikipedia without considering the technical reasons for doing so. Has some interesting directios she'd push the foundatio that I'd love to see if they were in another person. Nay.
  • Kim Bruning - Met him in person. Bright guy, multilingual, idealist-in-a-bad-way, charismatic. Neutral.
  • Kingboyk / Stephen Kennedy - I've never interacted with him. Statement has very little content. Mild Nay.
  • Michael Snow - Has served the foundation well, is a lawyer, involved with committees. Solid choice. Yea.
  • Mindspillage / Kat Walsh - Met her in person. Bright gal, lawyer-in-training, organised and involved. Solid choice. Yea.
  • Oscar / Oscar van Dillen - Met him in person. Bright guy, multilingual, artist. As I haven't been around, I don't know how he has performed on the board, and I'm sometimes skeptical of artists in very practical positions, but he gave me the impression of being right for the job. From the gut, Yea.
  • UninvitedCompany / Steve Dunlop - Focus is primarily on making the board more "professional". I am concerned that this will make it less ethical and remove the homespun feel that makes it different from corporations. He does have good experience, but .. Nay.
  • WarX / Artur Jan Fijałkowski - Too little experience, odd goals. Nay.
  • Yann / Yann Forget - Broad experience, other life experiences give me a good feeling about him. Yea.
  • Demon / Michael Horohoe - A kid. Statement is fluff, and in the one area it isn't, he stands directly against sensible policy and he makes that an election point. Strong Nay.

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