Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Long Walk for Mankind

Twenty Thousand Miles, every day, between my mornings and midday. Feet over feet, a slight angle keeps each journey unique. Tired eyes and flesh wonder at their surroundings, thinking "This is my Earth", while seeing nothing of humanity. Today, I brushed a foot sticking out of the ground in the middle of the forest, the first sign of contact in a long time. I kept walking - it was probably not a foot destined for me. My own two continue onward. In the valleys far beneath the waves, I confessed my secrets to the walls, and the echoes gave me new ideas. Sometimes, a quick diversion to the cave suggests other travellers - graffiti on the cave walls of familiar ones is answered, but each is a greater divergence from increasingly distant paths, and soon I must find new caves. I never could remember when I started this, or how. Am I looking for someplace or something? Now, the angles themself are most of the thinking left in my aged skull, as I reach another marker to turn on and make a fresh journey.

I've decided to put myself to the oh-so-terrible torture of looking through the "2006 Hot 100", a list of 100 folk put up by Maxim magazine, identifying people who are particularly attractive or not. Some people have occasionally wondered at my aesthetics, and maybe this'll capture a bit of that. This was inspired by randomly following a link on Wikipedia on the page of one of my favourite actresses. I don't know who most of these people are, largely ignoring media as I do, so I'm judging them mostly by their photos. There are some folk like Whoopi Goldberg who are attractive at least partly because of their personality, but I'll just have to miss out on that because I'm not so into TV media.

  • Number 99, Jennifer Aniston, is cute. She looks better without makeup.
  • Number 94, Brooke Burke, looks like an alien. Scary.
  • Number 89, "Tami", has a face that looks it's going to "look old" pretty early. Not attractive.
  • Number 88, Tila Tequila, is just weird looking
  • Number 84, Rachel Perry, has a kind of attractive face. (I'm very much a face and neck person)
  • Number 81, Penelope Cruz, is actually rather ugly.
  • Number 79, Halle Berry, is cute in a punkish kind of way. She's generally been exactly that in most of the things I've seen her in, including hackers.
  • Number 60, Shakira, has a kind of attractive face.
  • Number 59, Jordana Brewster, is rather ugly
  • Number 56, Jessica Biel, is kind of cute in a reserved kind of way.
  • Number 55, Vanessa Marcil, has a really interesting face
  • Number 50, Sarah Silverman, is really really attractive. She's the actress I mentioned finding this list through
  • Number 47, Mila Kunis, looks .. very strange. She's possibly attractive, but funny-looking
  • Number 46, Rebecca Romjin, isn't very attractive although her swimsuit bottom is kind of hot.
  • Number 38, Paris Hilton, is ugly. She's normally uglier than this photo, where she just looks somewhat brain-damaged
  • Number 37, Emmanuelle Chriqui, is really pretty.
  • Number 35, Avril Lavigne, is attractive
  • Number 33, Natalie Portman, looks like a scary Zombie in her picture. Flee!
  • Number 32, Veronica Varekova, looks like a scary Transvestite in her picture. Flee!
  • Number 31, Emmanuelle Vaugier, is rather attractive.
  • Number 30, Uma Thurman, looks like a scary stick of Broccoli with a face stuck on in her picture. Flee!
  • Number 28, Mandy Moore, is cute in a country kind of way.
  • Number 24, Kate Moss, looks like the Borg Queen in her picture. Flee!
  • Number 19, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, has a nice face
  • Number 14, Rachel Bilson, is ugly.
  • Number 4, Angelina Jolie, has an interesting and neat face.

That's it. I don't recognise many of these people, either listed above or in the list at large, I didn't really look at any other photos, and I'm judging mainly based on faces (I really like faces). I wonder if many people find everyone on the list attractive, or if I just have pretty narrow tastes. *shrug* I think Sarah Silvermann is probably the most attractive of all of them, although Angelina Jolie comes pretty close.

I am having a good time with the big pile of books I'm working through. :)


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