Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

PennyWYSE the Clone and the Terminal Affliction

After work, I saw Michael Moore's Sicko. It was probably the best Moore film I've seen, and very well done. Dispassionate? No. Always accurate? Not quite, but given the information I've gathered over the years, it feels pretty accurate. I had some specific issues with universal health care (largely, that I don't think people who don't take care of their body to a significant enough degree, e.g. become very fat, should get full coverage) that were covered in part with details about the British system on how that's handled (that doctors are given some kind of incentive to push their patients to stop smoking, eat better, and live a healthy life). The film dragged a bit in parts, and was pushing fairly hard for its case, but it was pretty successful at making the case on health care (and a few other issues). More importantly, it has people talking - I've overheard large numbers of conversations on health care that reference his film, which is good to hear. The only thing that I wasn't sure about was how much was staged/faked for the testimonials - it seems accurate (depressing as it is) on the large scale though, which is probably more important.

Trip down memory lane: ancient version of my website that the ISP mysteriously decided not to cut. That was last updated in 2000, I think. Considering digging out all major versions and giving them all their own virtual domains (although it would certainly expose a number of ideas that I'm now embarassed having published.. but eh..)

At some point I should unpack all the archives/backups I have of my home directory from all the different systems I have, really sort them all out, and redraw the archive/live distinction. This would presumably eliminate the redundancy I have in my backups. The only problem is that this would be a very large amount of work.

Tonight there was a second movie in the place known as Sherbrook (to which I've only rarely been invited). It went pretty well, although there was someone there who really doesn't like me who showed up partway through the film, and I felt bad that my presence seemed to make them uncomfortable.

Sometimes it's really nice and sometimes it's really lousy to see people happily paired up. It would be pretty amazing to feel wanted in that way.. I guess that's what really gets me about my life, in that that aspect is completely missing, it has been for such a long time, and it's something that I really can't deal without. I just feel old, dried up, and exhausted without it (which I'm sure makes me much more attractive to the few suitable possibilities).

Right now, enjoying lemon curd on bread..


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