Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

To Wikipedians

Dear readers,

If you're active on Wikipedia, note that there's an election for the Board of Trustees for the Wikimedia Foundation that ends tomorrow. Unlike most board elections, this one is important - it's between people who will rock the boat (and this boat needs some rocking). It's also for a reasonably open nonprofit that hasn't had its life sucked out yet. As noted in an earlier post, if you see the world similarly to how I do, you may want to consider voting for Danny Wool and Mindspillage, and will almost certainly not want to vote for Eloquence. Please see my recent posts for my reasoning. Vote here. Honestly, it's important. You need to have been on Wikipedia at least since 1 March, and to have had at least 400 edits by 1 June.


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