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When Worlds^H^H^H^H^H^HHeads Collide

Soccer was mostly awesome - I got the feeling I'm getting better. Unfortunately, a little over halfway through, Lizza and I went to headbutt the same ball, hit each other, and pain/injury ensued. I've had a headache for the rest of the day and may have chipped some molars... Ahh well, these things happen in soccer. I think Lizza ended up worse off than I did :(

Current books: Torah and Collected Works of Mao (Volume 4). Thoughts:

  • Mao claims that Japan's surrender was based on the Russians sending troops to aid the Communist Party of China rather than the atomic bombs in Hiroshima/Nagasaki (Situation and our Policy after Victory over Japan, near the end). This stands against what I learned of the history of the war in high school history classes - I'd like to read more about this.
  • Still working my way through the first book of Torah - Rashi's commentary clarifies (or explain away, depending on perspective) some issues with the "plain reading" of some matters so far, and seem to be at least of high a quality as what's in my study bible. So far, Genesis (plain reading that's so far essentially the same, sans commentary, in both texts), Genesis (Torah with Rashi) and Genesis (New Oxford Annotated Bible) are at least a little different. I expect to see things branch off a bit more as I continue. I'm particularly interested to see the commentary on the laws of Leviticus and Exodus.

There are several songs I have which contain some really awesome parts and highly irritating parts, and I wish there were a good way to deconvolve them. Examples: Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up" (has a wonderful mournful theme that's interrupted periodically by an insipid cheery bit) and George Harrison's "Dream Away" (which he did for Time Bandits, which I recently watched again with Brewer and Lizza, which has a great chorus and setup that are ruined by poor lyrics and mediocre singing for the non-chorus parts). In each of these, the suckiness is integral to the song - removing it would take a lot of creative effort, but the potential for each song is so great that it seems a pity to write it off.. Although it's generally the case, I'm going to be explicit here and say that this is at least partly metaphor for other things (although as is also generally the case, the surface meaning is meant too). I wouldn't claim that there are as many meanings as Biblical numericists pull from the bible, but .. hehe. That we could all deconvolve our life, stretch it out on some SVD-table and pick out the eigenvectors we like, and then find new words to describe allowing randomness to repaint life in ways consistent with our preference (or, perhaps, to create a higher-dimensional space representing all of possibility consisting of areas near a theoretical pareto-surface we've so declared and let some kind of randomness place us within that... hmm.. and I realise that we could iterate over probability-influenced dice rolls in our initial space and discard/reroll results outside that constrained space, or we could imagine rolling the dice within that constrained space initially.. are they the same thing? It seems that it would depend on how the probability-influences work) .. sorry about that. My brain ran away.

Two bits of awesome Eric pointed me at recently:

  • Algorithm March (with Ninja)
  • Onslaught, a flash-based game that inspires in me a lot of thought on ideal strategies for related classes of game.
I've had some really great conversations with DPerkins recently - out of all the people I've met in life, he's one of the very few that seem to really think both deeply and clearly about philosophy in the sense that I think people should think about it - there's a big difference between formal mathematical analysis (which I don't think is appropriate for philosophy and which I also think is inappropriate when it doesn't acknowledge the looser underpinnings of the field that defines it), careful thought (the reasoned discussion that is a philosophical norm that isn't necessarily convergent but isn't deeply divergent either), and unreasoned thought.

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