Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rain Like Marmite

The break helped me a bit.

I've been playing more with named argument passing in Perl, and have written a module (which I'm still playing with) to get the level of checking I want without too much inconvenience. You can see the perldoc/manpage for it here. It's not fully documented yet, and I still might rework aspects of it.. it's been a nice light distraction though.

Toying with the idea of getting a new laptop.. I probably won't, but it's nice to occasionally take a look (this HP is surprisingly durable). I can get a more modern laptop with a Turion TL-56 (I hate the modern naming standards for processors, BTW), a higher-resolution display (still just 17" though), 4G RAM, 160G of disk, and a few other little improvements with the same covers-everything-level warranty for $2318 (pre academic-discount), which isn't bad by my book. I would think about getting a MacBook, but I don't think I'd ever boot MacOS on it, and with that understood, the prices suck compared to HP (at least the Pavilion line).

Stupid things:From a recent conversation on IM:

  • Me: I wonder if liking maple syrup makes us tree vampires
  • Them: maple syrup isn't just tree blood, tho
  • Them: it takes a lot of prep work
  • Me: ... I wonder if that would make vampires less scary
  • Me: If they had to put our blood in little bags for processing
Fundamentally Stupid Scary Stories (an idea that popped into my head a few weeks ago):Let me tell you a tale, of a realm of terror that lurks just around strange corners, protected from mortal eyes through safeguards put up by wise ones of old. I speak of "...", the space between directories. Initially discovered by intrepid explorers, it offered, and delivered, the ability to move between directories without touching the intervening ones. Those that went through reported other things there, strange beasts composed of more angles than there should be, lost inodes seeking a return from the realm, abandoned signals, flaming printers. It soon gathered a reputation for evil, and research by the mad coder Apropos from the Computer Science Department of Miskatonic University's DECronomicon became well-known (but, thankfully, rarely-read) among Unix cultists. ...

I finished Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire - it was interesting reading, a bit like Walden in parts. To see: Lars von Trier's Direktøren for det hele, which got a good review in a newspaper I sometimes read. It looks like an office comedy, which should be an interesting thing coming from that director.


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