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C'est bon, zum Kunstlern kennen

I am pleased that I know local art-type people. Hopefully Elise will be able to re-frame a painting I've had for a few years (from an ex-gf) that has a warped frame. It's kind of tempting to put it on a proper frame rather than a stretch frame (artsy people, pardon if I misuse the terms), but for this particular painting, that might feel wrong except perhaps on the barest of proper frames. If it goes well, perhaps I'll have her look at the other paintings I have too. I just hope that the move is possible and safe.

Sadly, this painting has always been the one I've considered least presentable given where I am in life - it's been commented as the one thing I have in my apartment most likely to scare off potential dates, and so it's generally been more of a "private room" possession than a public one (meaning it's spent a lot of time behind tables and in closets, like things in my memory boxen). It's funny how that works...


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