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Reservation Withdrawl

The result of further toying with the argpass module I mentioned earlier - here. I shifted it to being OO so I could elegantly handle different policies - the alternative of doing weird things to the argument list (like blessing it to a class) to store this state seemed too hackish. Different ways to handle it include only allow the 'clean' policy, having the user only call arg_ok if they want clean policy checks, and similar, but I decided that making it an OO module's advantage of letting me name my methods as I choose (without conflict with the network function accept(), mainly) is nicer. I just need to figure out the syntax I want to use for argument checking and implement that, and probably do more testing, and I'll be ready to rewrite (in theory) every bit of Perl I've written that I still use.

Today: Squirrel Hill Food Pantry is a neat place, made me feel useful. Unfortunately, every single person I know who volunteers there will be leaving town in the short to medium term. This is presently a major life theme.. more on that below.

Elise and I removed Martha's self-portrait from the old, badly-warped frame, and carefully rolled it up, pending my getting a new frame and her pulling everything together again. In theory, if I had known more about this craft, I could've done everything myself, but I have no experience with how durable paintings are, and that particular piece of canvas is very precious to me. I keep thinking that I should take up painting - in the past I've shown very little skill in these matters, but I'd like to give it more effort.

I realised recently that my mental state is presently sufficient to permit me to make a leap of faith and move someplace new without any solid hopes. I am now nearly certain that I won't meet a significant other here, and so my best (admittedly slender) chance at finding someone requires me to move. My longest-term time commitment to this vague area at the moment is, if I remember correctly, a friend's wedding next month. Otherwise, I want this to happen with all due haste. Present ideas on places to live:

  • Austin, Texas - I'll have to swallow the risk of awkward encounters with family. Pro: Nightlife (very fond memories of music, bars, etc), awesome weather, liberal but southern, maybe I can find a job at UTAustin?
  • Any reasonably large city, United Kingdom - I like the U.K. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and possibly Dublin would be interesting. Pro: No language barrier, universities, would probably be a good place to raise kids if that's still on the radar, closer to the US in political positions I care about
  • Paris, France - I really like Paris and France, and I admire many aspects of French culture. I'd have to learn a lot more French and there'd always be a bit of a language barrier though..
  • Somewhere, Hawai'i - I've never been there. It'd be refreshingly interesting to make a leap of faith an even bigger leap. Presumably nice weather.
  • Somewhere, Australia - Same idea as Hawai'i, with some nationality complications
  • Tel Aviv, Israel - It would be interesting..
  • CMU-Q, Qatar - A very easy means for a change in scenery without much hassle. At most, this would be a temporary arrangement though.
There are other possibilities too, of course. The primary concern for each of these is finding appropriate Universities at which to work (or possibly other places, if I must).

I need to make this happen before I lose the nerve. I'm sending out feelers - if any of my readers have any ideas I haven't thought of or leads, that'd be helpful. Expected timeframe: 2-5 months.


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