Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Plaintiff's Defense

Dream:I and many other people were in some kind of court, and there were judges to rule on our behavour of some kind. One of our member went up and told the judge in every way how we failed, in an occasionally sympathetic but brutally honest way. Although some of the others in the group seemed upset at this, I felt good about it. I think somehow we were being tried for the "evils" of civilisation, wars, etc...

I'm nearing the end of the Musharraf book - one of the things that I've been wondering is, given that English is one of Pakistan's two national languages, did he write it in English? Some of the way things are phrased in it are similar to the way some Indian friends of mine speak (I'm guessing this is the flavour of Indian English that I'm getting). Amused: Like the Muppets, the book has some content for everyone, from action (the description of the airplane/coup crisis was quite exciting) to political theory (his rationales for the governmental adjustments he made).

I was recently interested to read about people submitting questions to American political candidates using YouTube videos. Some people criticised the degree to which CNN screened the questions - it's hard to know how much they did so, but at least *some* screening is needed because otherwise the intelligent questions would be drowned out by the "hey mom I'm on tv and I'd like to give thanks to 60 people before I get to my question" and the "I got a parking ticket government is stupid LOL" sort. Whether it was a success or not is an open question, but it's certainly interesting.


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