Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zwischen Opaqueness und Opacity

I took a look at some old LISP code I wrote a long time ago, and found it completely incomprehensible. I looked at some more, and realised that somehow I have completely and absolutely lost my knowledge of the language to a point where if I wanted to code in it again, I'd need to start from scratch. How does that kind of thing happen? I didn't think knowledge of that sort ever went away without a trace. Vaguely related, I find it amusing when one loses enough perspective/state on what was behind a past decision that one just must trust the judgement of one's past self, as if it were another person. It feels odd to do this when one looks at something else one's past self did and finds it inexplicable and/or insufferable. I'd almost like to find some way to get a divorce from who I was then, cutting off those memories, those liabilities, and those judgement calls from who I am now.. I don't really know who that me was, in a lot of ways.

Today's Brathalla webcomic was a bit of a challenge for me - name that outfit. I don't quite recognise the first one (but I think I should - it does seem somehow familiar), the second is presumably a Harry Potter outfit (which I only recognise because I saw a Harry Potter poster recently with the characters dressed that way), the third is Doctor Strange (I never was much into comics, but my mom had a small book when I was growing up that was a collection of Doctor Strange comics - I still have it). I don't recognise the fourth or fifth, and the sixth is presumably generic.

In yesterday's soccer game, I managed to score a goal. Hurrah. I'm under no illusions of adequacy wrt my skills, but I've been trying for quite some time, and the experience is welcome.

Interesting: artificial stimulus of a minimally functioning thalamus brought a comatose subject up to some level of function.


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