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I wonder how many of us depend on daydreams and distractions to get through all or part of the days... To touch the mind on most of the things of life, it feels like sailing with one's anchor down and dragging. Maybe to be continually absent from one's body is more like a ship that never docks though, with angry sailors.

My google calendar tells me that today is Judgement day, Read more...Collapse )

Daydreams: Inventing "video" formats designed to be "stimulated" into the brain directly into areas of the visual cortex past V1 (and past the dorsal/ventral split) - V4 and V5. In the daydreams, it was decided to do this later in the stream because the device used to stimulate brain regions in a controlled way would have smaller areas to target than all of V1. Curiosity: Would the feeds back to V1 be problematic with this approach?

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. I'm still puzzled over why my MRI analyses for work are either broken or otherwise giving me no results (in marked contrast to the behavioural analyses - they should correlate, at least for motor regions) for this study. After work, I .. well, I didn't do anything special, but I had some good quality conversations and hanging out in and around the cluster, and that was nice.


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