Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

First Breath

How does one begin a netdiary? With a single entry, I guess. I was inspired to start one after reading a few other netdiaries that people I know have written.. They tend to amuse, and also to make the internet just a little bit more personal. It's easy to get the feeling that one is alone on the internet, and in a sense, one really *IS* alone, but... in another sense, how is the power of harnessed electrons and crafted metal any less real than the photons and vibrations that make up a face-to-face media? What really matters, I think, is the way that one can communicate, in a comparitive sense, the depth and broadness of the communication. In face-to-face communications, there is admittedly body language, and that, figuratively speaking, is the ghosts of our ancestors, chanting a certain richness into that manner of speech. But.. there is also a certain inadequacy there, and if we can free ourselves of our ties to the past, perhaps we can find a new ideal for ourselves. The old idea of humanity has its appeal, and my sketch of it is as follows:

A life, simple, without requiring any effort to keep the simplicity, with brief moments of exertion punctuating a life largely devoted to one's tribe. Life is short and occasionally cruel or violent, but with few regrets or angst that live past the next day.

What might the future bring? What is life now? That's a topic for future journal entries, if I'm still interested when I next make an entry. I suppose this will be a mix of my daily life, philosophical wanderings, and maybe a bit of a changelog for my website. *shrug*

Tags: philosophy

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