Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Some people I might mention in my life...

I could just let the reader (if any) piece together who I know from passing comments, but I don't mind spelling out who some people are and a bit about them to place things in context.

  • Jason McVetta - A friend of mine, currently lives across the street from me (didn't always). I met him in the local atheist group some years back. I see him fairly frequently. Interesting politics, interesting person. Another UNIXy person, he's rapidly picking up programming skills.
  • Martha Knox - The (only) ex-gf, no longer part of my life. Dated her for about 4 months,
    (section not shown)
    Met her at the local atheist group too. We had nice long conversations about everything. Lives a very busy/stressful life.
  • August Brunsman - Friend of Martha and Jason. A nice guy, also lives a very busy life. Was president of local atheist group some time back. I still occasionally see him around Columbus. Rather liberal.
  • Pat "Q" Quealy - Ran the campus libertarians. Another atheist, but not of the sort that went to SFF (as SFF had a liberal bent). I'm actually interacting with him more now that he's gone back home for the summer (over the internet). His netdiary was partially inspiration for me to start one.
  • Amanda Mosier - Jason's ex(?)-gf,
    (section not shown)
    Another intellectual, a nice person, we share a lot of interests but don't see each other that often.
  • Charles Cicirella - Was introduced to him by Martha, he also knows Jason and is attracted to Amanda. A good friend, has introduced me to a lot of other people in the Columbus art scene. We often go out to eat, I do his website. We've seen several interesting movies.
  • YF - He probably wouldn't like it if I mentioned his full name. My (only) ex-bf. Also no longer part of my life. Very cheery person, always happy.
  • My Mom - I don't see her very often, as I'm in Columbus (came here for college) and she's where the rest of my family lives in Brecksville. Has become more religious as time has passed, and this is intensely irritating.
  • My Dad - I don't see him very often either, for the same reason. He's not really religiously irritating. We've occasionally had good conversations, and both have an interest in computers.

And that's really it for people that are or have played a big part or regular part of my life. Hopefully these descriptions won't get me in trouble with anyone :) *grumble* I wish that I could get in touch with Jason... yesterday we went to an employment agency but they were closed due to a power outage and they asked us to come back early morning today.


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