Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dark Ice

Hmm. Soon, I'll have clean shirts again. And it's a rainy day. I love rainy days. My iguanas... I have 3 iguanas and a cat.... and they all have distinct personalities. Wally, my cat, only wants to drink out of the bathtub, and so he follows me in whenever I go to use the toilet. If I turn on the stream of water just right, it goes right down the drain and doesn't splash, and wally will just go up and lick the water stream. He also has a thing for corn chips, and likes to sleep just out of easy hand reach from me. He also likes to lick ears. I read in a psychology class I took that there's a form of attachment between a mother and her baby called anxious (or nervous?) attachment, where the child still desires the company of the mother but still isn't happy with them around. I wonder if that's what wally feels towards me... or if maybe cats are disinclined to snuggle. He sometimes snuggles with me. Dr. Forrester is my biggest iguana, about 4 feet long. He's nice when it isn't mating season, but generally prefers just to wander around and try to attack my smaller iguanas. He has a thing for bananas and pizza, and is quite healthy. He probably won't grow any more due to mistreatment from his first owner. Frank is the middle iguana, and kind of a cripple. Some time back, Dr. Forrester bit off one of his toes, and he lost a lot of blood and fell, possibly hurting his back. He kind of hobbles now, and is clumsy. I'm not sure if he's going to live that long, but he seems happy. He lives with Yui, my youngest Iguana. She's incredibly spunky and happy, fast, loves to run around, etc. Frank is my friendliest, she's probably my healthiest. I think my favorite thing about having iguanas is watching them eat. Dr. Forrester takes the slow approach to eating, generally watching his food for quite some time before eating it. Yui approaches eating with something resembling genuine lust. ... Frank.. it's kind of sad to watch him eat -- he just nibbles for a very long time on his food. Occasionally he takes entire bites, but he's not really a very good eater anymore. I've been trying to get Frank to eat supplements, but it might be too late and he'll probably be crippled for the rest of his life. It's strange looking at my apartment with the knowledge that I'll be forced to move in a month or two when my lease expires. I hope I find a place to work so I won't need to move back in with my parents.


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